WOD for January 12th... one day late

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Sorry for falling behind on the Workouts of the Day.  The beginning of my boot camps has taken my full focus over the course of the last several days, but the video version of the Workout of the Day will be back tomorrow.

Today, the workout is an assessment of your fitness.  We'll come back to this workout, so you'll have to write down your results.

The workout is simple.

10 Push-Ups
15 Sit-Ups (or if you can't do sit-ups, do crunches)
20 Squats

You'll do this circuit as many times as possible in five minutes.  Don't stop for any breaks, just work continuously to get off as much work as you can in that five minutes.

At the end, write down how many rounds you completed, as well as the exercise you finished on, and how many reps you completed of that exercise (ex.: 3 rounds, push-up, 7 reps).

This workout and our periodic checkups on this workout will really add value to the other Workouts of the Day.

Take care, everyone!


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