War on Aerobics - Return on Investment (and Express WOD)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Hi Everyone.

Last week I defined aerobics in my first discussion about the downside to aerobic exercise.  This week, I'm going to go into why aerobics are a poor way to invest your exercise time.

In business, almost everyone is familiar with ROI or Return on Investment.  Exercise can be looked at much in the same way.  You always want to maximize ROI, whether you're investing money in the business world or your time in exercise.

Aerobics offer you very little in the way or bang for your buck.  You have to workout for very long durations to get the supposed benefit of the exercise.  This is a huge barrier for many people.  With the busy schedules many people have, an hour-plus long daily exercise sessions is simply too much, especially when you start to consider travel time (if you work out at a gym), time to change/shower, and just generally avoiding being in a terrible rush before and after exercise.

Exercise is something you can't cheat.  You get out exactly what you put in.  Yet there's a natural trade-off that most people never take advantage of.  The trade-off is between duration and intensity.  Aerobic exercise is, by definition, not very intense.  That's why it's such a time hog.  However, if you are willing to add intensity to your workout, you can get in the same amount of value in a far lesser time.

If you make the decision to workout at maximum intensity, you'll quickly reach the same level of fatigue (or probably a greater level) you would doing aerobic exercise for several times longer.  That's what exercise is all about - if you never get fatigued doing it, it's not exercise.  The greater the challenge to your body, the better the results you'll get from it.

The question is, simply - are you willing to work harder to save time and make exercise a part of your life?

Now for the workout of the day...

Today, it's two Tabatas.  Here's the timer.

Tabata #1:
1) Wide Stance Squat w/ Ground Touch
2) T-Stabilization Push Up

Tabata #2:
1) Jumping Jack
2) Plank w/ Alternating Single Arm Raise

Like I said above, the trade-out for workouts that easily fit into your schedule is the intensity with which you must attack them.  GET AFTER IT!

I love you and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!


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