See Those Compound Exercises in Action

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Check out the video of me demonstrating the compound fat loss exercises I mentioned in my last blog.

Now that you know 'em, put 'em to use. And let me know what you think!



Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Great demonstration, but you would not necessarily put those together for a circuit as it seems like they all work your legs, along with other areas of your body.

I'm trying to find something that works for me... being new at this I can do 10 squat rows with a 10 lb kettlebell and get only 5 swings and have to rest. Is this a workout?

Thanks, Connie

Mark said...
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Mark said...


You can put those together in a circuit - the point with these exercises is that you don't have to think in terms of lower body, upper body, etc. The whole idea with each exercise is that it works everything (legs, core, upper body). The squat raise works legs, core and is an upper body pull. The squat thrust is lower body, core, and upper body push. The chop is core rotation, arms and lower body. And so on.

A workout to me is always something that gives you a challenge. It doesn't matter what the exercises are, the point is that you challenge yourself. If it's just 10 squat rows and 5 swings right now, try to build it to 10 and 10, then try adding a third exercise. Once you get tired, take the rest you need and try it again. Your only goal over time is to keep building.