Don't Make This Mistake

Thursday, September 25, 2008
I was talking with one of my fitcamp members yesterday. We ended up talking about one of the most common mistakes people make - the mistake of waiting.

I hear a lot of people make the excuse that now just isn't the best time for them to start an exercise program. This certainly isn't a nice way of putting my thoughts on the matter, but that's crap!

Waiting until later is the ultimate cop out. What is going to make tomorrow, next week or next month any different than the here and now? You can't go putting your wellness on the back burner any time you have something else going on in your life.

I often hear it expressed this way - "I just need to wait for a couple things to calm down then I'll get started." Things aren't going to calm down - welcome to life. There will always be something in the present and on the horizon that you have to deal with, and you're either going to deal with it while getting better or simply getting older.

Your body is always going to be changing - it's your choice whether it changes for the better or the worse. Furthermore, your body isn't going to care if thing are really busy this month at work... it will still get fatter.

When it comes to your goals, tomorrow is not a specific day - it's always just the day after today. This is key, because you can never do anything tomorrow, you can only do something today. Instead of controlling your present, you're always waiting until the future. And when you say "I'll do it tomorrow," you're lying to yourself.

There's plenty of tomorrows, but there's only one today - use it right.

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